Hottest Job Categories for 2021 According to LinkedIn

Each year, LinkedIn analyzes its massive member database to see what job roles are experiencing the most growth. The job site recently released the results of its research of growth between April and October 2020. The results are grouped into categories that will be expected to see high growth over the course of this year. … Continue reading Hottest Job Categories for 2021 According to LinkedIn

Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

By now, you know that LinkedIn is the most important resource for professionals in a job search. It’s essential in this time of social distancing, and it will again be (soon, I hope) a great way to enhance your in-person networking.  This is a good time to update and improve your LinkedIn profile so you’ll … Continue reading Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Your Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

(A version of this post appeared previously in my Jacksonville Business Journal column The Careerist.) Your LinkedIn photo takes up just a square inch or so of your profile, but it can have a big impact on how people connect with you. Knowing how others in your industry present themselves may help you stand out … Continue reading Your Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Start your Job Search Now

Everything feels strange right now, and the future is almost impossible to predict. If you’ve been furloughed or laid off, you may be feeling like there’s no hope of finding a new opportunity until the pandemic is under control. It’s true that the New Normal won’t look like 2019, but job seekers who get a … Continue reading Start your Job Search Now

LinkedIn’s Most Requested Skills (and how to get them.)

A great blog post by LinkedIn talks about the most-requested skills in employer job postings. I’ve re-posted it here. The post includes links to LinkedIn’s training courses. (available through a free 30-day trial; you can subscribe by the month after it ends.)

What Employers Really Want: Prioritization

When juggling multiple tasks, we have to be able to decide which ones need to be tackled immediately, and which ones can wait. Hiring someone who can’t get this right means that key due dates and project timelines can fall through the cracks, ultimately hurting your business.

What Employers Really Want: Growth Potential

Today’s fast-paced work environments require employees who can do the job now, and have the potential to grow into new roles or leadership positions at your company in the future. After all, if an employee leaves, it costs your company 1.5 times that employee’s salary to replace her.

What Employers Really Want: Collaboration

“Plays well with others.” Such a simple remark on a kindergartener’s report card, but one that makes every parent beam with pride. And they should. Early signs of collaborative ability are markers of adult success.