Guest Post: How to Keep Your “Unemployed” Status from Turning Managers Off

The first week that you started looking for a new position, hiring managers may not have even noticed that you were technically unemployed. And they certainly (hopefully) had the common sense not to hold this against you. But if you’ve been on the market for a few months—or years—now, things might be a bit different.

Virtual Job Fair Opens Today

The First Coast Virtual Job Fair opened Monday, June 10 at 12:02 A.M. By the time you’re reading this, hundreds of job seekers will be uploading resumes from the comfort of their living rooms, wearing bunny slippers instead of power suits. It’s also a great opportunity for people who are working to attend a job fair without taking time off from their current jobs.

Guest Post: I’ve Done Everything Right and I’m Still Not Working: Q and A for Frustrated Job Seekers

Q: I read every job search advice blog I lay my eyes on, and I know the rules backward and forward: I’ve learned everything under the sun about professional cover letters, sending thank you notes, and making eye contact during interviews. At this point I could practically teach a course. But I still don’t have a … Continue reading Guest Post: I’ve Done Everything Right and I’m Still Not Working: Q and A for Frustrated Job Seekers

Fake Amazon Page is the Best Resume Stunt Ever

Since this terrible recession started, we’ve been hearing about clever gimmicks that desperate jobseekers are trying to get themselves noticed. We’ve heard about people standing at a busy intersection with a “Job Wanted” sign and the guy in Seattle who took out a sign on the side of a city bus.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Career

Since you’re making all those other New Year’s resolutions, why not add a couple to perk up your career prospects? Here are two suggestions that will add value to your resume and that can be accomplished in your spare time.

Are You Ready to Meet the Future?

A stunning survey of workers by shows that 98% of workers are not [completely] satisfied with their jobs and plan to look for work in 2011. Are you one of them?

If you are one of the working class who’s planning to make a break for it as soon as the economy heats up, here are some things to consider as you plan a move.

Retool Your Resume for Success in the New Year

Bill Lynch had over 30 years of successful operations management, an MBA, and standout community service on his resume. Before his job ended in September 2010 (he’d seen it coming for a while), he decided to completely retool his skills and experience and pursue another field altogether.

Make the Most of Applying Online

Every day, we hear from jobseekers who are discouraged with their job search. “I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs online; I never get a response at all, let alone an invitation to interview.” It’s easy to believe that you’re doing something productive by applying online, but it’s only true if you are taking the time to make your applications as complete as possible.