Guest Post: 9 Things to Do Every Day While You’re Unemployed

You may be entering your first week on the job market, or you might be ending your first full year without steady work. But no matter how long you’ve been facing this experience, you’ve had a chance to learn at least one important fact: unemployment is no picnic.

Unemployed Long Term? 4 Ways to Regroup & Get Hired

In 2014, the worst waves of the recent economic slowdown have passed, and the job market is heading down the long road to recovery. In cities where 2008 and 2009 unemployment reached record highs, employers are now reopening their doors and sustainable, promising companies are beginning the application review process. But this isn’t comforting news … Continue reading Unemployed Long Term? 4 Ways to Regroup & Get Hired

Guest Post: Starting Over From Scratch: 5 Things to Keep In Mind during Your Career Transition

You can do this. What you’re doing may feel completely novel, and you may see only a handful of people around you (or none at all) who are starting over in mid-life the way you are. But this is an illusion—thousands of others have come this way before you, and you’re by new means the first to blaze this trail. Even more important: if this is the best path to your next step, then it’s the best path.

Guest Post: How to Land the Job without Looking Desperate

An unfortunate paradox pervades the job market: the longer an average person has been out of work, the more likely she becomes to lowering her standards, widening her range of options, ignoring employer red flags, and behaving in ways that don’t benefit her long term interests. This is perfectly natural, and in most cases, it’s a logical and intelligent response to a serious problem.

Guest Post: Networking While Unemployed: 5 Critical Tips

If you once thought you had everything figured out, you had all the answers, and you were a winner through and through, welcome to a new reality: one in which you don’t know everything, you have lots to learn, and every social gathering is filled with people who can teach you.

Guest Post: The Saturday Job Search: 5 Productive Things to Do In Your Free Time

But while you spend your weekdays searching job boards for open positions, attending networking events, and having lunch with your contacts, Saturdays aren’t quite as productive…or are they?