The Labor Shortage May Help Fix Hiring

The U.S. economy has regained all the jobs it lost during the pandemic. The last jobs report (January 2023) showed growth of 517,000 jobs and the lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years. Employers are having a hard time finding talent, and economists predict that they’ll have trouble for years. Some employers are changing policies … Continue reading The Labor Shortage May Help Fix Hiring

FlexJobs Warns of 12 Common Work-at-Home Job Scams and Offers Job Seekers Key Tips to Stay Safe

From our friends at An increased threat of online job search scams amid rising unemployment Work-at-home jobs have always been a target of scammers.  However, as the BBB warns, these types of employment scams are likely to rise as the number of unemployed Americans increases due to the coronavirus pandemic. Knowing how to differentiate legitimate work … Continue reading FlexJobs Warns of 12 Common Work-at-Home Job Scams and Offers Job Seekers Key Tips to Stay Safe

Quarantined? Out of Work? You may qualify for Unemployment

(This is a repost of a Reuters article. Find the original article online here.) (Reuters) – The U.S. Labor Department on Thursday gave states flexibility to amend their laws to provide unemployment benefits in events related to the coronavirus in an effort to limit the damage on the economy from the pandemic. States can pay … Continue reading Quarantined? Out of Work? You may qualify for Unemployment

Your Job and a Hurricane

(This article first appeared in 2013 in my Times-Union employment column as Hurricane Irma approached Florida. My advice stands up well to the test of time. Whether it stands up to hurricane-force winds is yet to be seen.) As Hurricane Dorian approaches, most of us in Florida are making sensible preparations for keeping our family … Continue reading Your Job and a Hurricane

Race Against the Machine

Technology is changing at such a rapid pace that some economists have predicted the “end of employment.” Computers are able to do many of the functions that humans used to perform, from security and crime fighting to journalism. (Many of the routine game summaries you read in the sports section are actually written by software … Continue reading Race Against the Machine

Guest Post: 9 Things to Do Every Day While You’re Unemployed

You may be entering your first week on the job market, or you might be ending your first full year without steady work. But no matter how long you’ve been facing this experience, you’ve had a chance to learn at least one important fact: unemployment is no picnic.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

The Friday before Mother’s Day (in 2014, May 9) is the day set aside to officially recognize the role of military spouses. President Ronald Reagan started the tradition of Military Spouse Appreciation Day in 1984, and the date was standardized by the Secretary of Defense. This post is my gift to my fellow military spouses. My husband served for over 20 years in the U.S. Navy, and I know how challenging it is to find and keep meaningful employment when you follow your spouse across the country – or the world – when he or she transfers to a new duty station.