How to Create Great HR and Recruitment Videos

(A gust post from Many businesses are turning to video recruitment in order to find the best employees, A well-made HR or recruitment video can help you attract top talent and show off your company culture. Jere are some tips for creating great HR and recruitment videos in this article. When creating your next … Continue reading How to Create Great HR and Recruitment Videos

Why Do You Want this Job?

There are really only two essential job interview questions. Together, they determine how successful you’ll be in this role.  But they are often treated by candidates  – and some interviewers – as pro forma questions: asked to check a box, and answerable by some generic, fluffy response. But if you answer them with something sincere … Continue reading Why Do You Want this Job?

A Great Thank You Note

I recently heard about a candidate who had great qualifications for the position, but made what might have been a near-fatal mistake. She interviewed well, but she didn’t send a thank you note after the meeting. The hiring manager confessed that it almost cost her the offer. It made me think it was time for … Continue reading A Great Thank You Note

How to Make a Good Impression in Finance Interviews

(A guest post by Lauren Walker, from Stellar Select, a UK-based financial recruiting company.) Surviving an interview is one of the most challenging aspects of landing a job. Even if you’re the most qualified candidate in the room, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the finance job that you want, especially if you were unable … Continue reading How to Make a Good Impression in Finance Interviews

Red Flags in the Interview Process

I’ve written many times that interviewing is very much like dating. You go through the same phases: attraction, flirtation, getting-to-know-you meetings, and finally, a proposal and moving in together. And as in dating, the early days of the hiring process are when recruiters and applicants are on their best behavior. That’s why red flags during … Continue reading Red Flags in the Interview Process

What Employers Really Want: Prioritization

When juggling multiple tasks, we have to be able to decide which ones need to be tackled immediately, and which ones can wait. Hiring someone who can’t get this right means that key due dates and project timelines can fall through the cracks, ultimately hurting your business.

What Employers Really Want: Growth Potential

Today’s fast-paced work environments require employees who can do the job now, and have the potential to grow into new roles or leadership positions at your company in the future. After all, if an employee leaves, it costs your company 1.5 times that employee’s salary to replace her.