Your Work. Your Life. Your Way.

What’s next in your career? Your life? Millions of people have been rethinking their lives and careers during this period of uncertainty. You’re not alone if you’re thinking about changing the way you work. I’ve been writing about the Gig Economy for over a decade, and working in it for almost 30 years – alongside … Continue reading Your Work. Your Life. Your Way.

Are You Really Sorry?

I’ve counted. About 10 times a day, if I’m out running errands. Some days, it’s the phrase I use often to start sentences when dealing with colleagues, especially those I don’t have a close relationship with. “I’m sorry.” Cross in front of someone browsing in the cereal aisle? I’m sorry. Answering an email an hour … Continue reading Are You Really Sorry?

When Humor Becomes Weaponized

“It was just a joke.” How many times have you witnessed mean and aggressive behavior explained away by that line? Actor Will Smith’s meltdown at the Academy Awards was inexcusable, but it ripped the cover off something we all know: humor, even when used by professionals, can become a weapon. The very things that make … Continue reading When Humor Becomes Weaponized

25 Rules for Flight

I’m out of the office this week, so I’ve decided to post this list, which I found years ago on a humor site. My husband Thom is a former Naval aviator, so they’re doubly fun for me. He’s a former helicopter crewman, so rule number 17 is especially funny. Enjoy. Rules for Flight 1. Every … Continue reading 25 Rules for Flight

Infographic: How to Manage your Time Better

Our friends at IvyPanda, a site that provides articles, infographics, and guides on various useful topics for college students, developed this infographic for helping college students manage their workload. But it occurs to me that it’s a great guide for anyone who is struggling with a big project. No matter your experience level or motivation, … Continue reading Infographic: How to Manage your Time Better

Monsters in the Workplace

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m focused on spooks, monsters, and things that go bump in the night today. Here are some monsters you might encounter in the workplace even after Halloween. (This is an update of a 2020 post, revenant.) A new scary workplace phenomenon for 2022: Quiet Quitters. I think of them … Continue reading Monsters in the Workplace

Your Problem Solving Style May Have Some Blind Spots

In a previous post, I cited Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, the founder and CEO of Decisive, a decision sciences company. She’s studied how people make decisions for years, and has written a book called Problem Solver: Maximizing Your Strengths to Make Better Decisions. She’s developed five decision archetypes (find the descriptions here.) She says that each … Continue reading Your Problem Solving Style May Have Some Blind Spots

Small Things that Feel Big

In a previous post, I wrote about micro expressions – tiny flickers of emotion that tell the truth even when someone would prefer not to. This post is about another small thing that can make a big difference in your relationships. If you haven’t heard the term microaggression before, it’s probably because most people don’t … Continue reading Small Things that Feel Big

Micro may Signal Something Big

Micro is having a moment. Technically, the word means extremely small, too small to see, even. But when tiny gestures add up in the workplace, they can cause a big reaction. There are two micro terms you might have heard about. The first is micro expressions. Micro expressions are facial expressions that occur within a … Continue reading Micro may Signal Something Big

Guest Post: Startup Advice for Entrepreneurs With Disabilities

The working world is shifting rapidly, and it can be a challenge to keep up. As The Great Resignation marches on, gig-based jobs and working from home are becoming ubiquitous, which is great news for parents with disabilities. If being able to set your own schedule and manage your obligations and limitations while still satisfying … Continue reading Guest Post: Startup Advice for Entrepreneurs With Disabilities