How to Signal Your Social Distancing Comfort Zone

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a hugger. He proved that after an interview with Fox reporter Erin Andrews in December. After a socially-distanced interview, the two, who are friends, came in for a maskless hug while the cameras were still rolling. Predictably, Twitter blew up. If you’re a hugger, times are rough right now. … Continue reading How to Signal Your Social Distancing Comfort Zone

Grouping Gifts for Bigger Impact

It’s the holiday giving season, and for many people, gifting is stressful. You may love the idea of giving something meaningful to the people that make a difference in your life like teachers, service providers, or your office team. But your budget may not match your goodwill. Presently ( was started in 2019 with the … Continue reading Grouping Gifts for Bigger Impact

Time, Attention, Patience and Other Gifts

In a recent post, I encouraged everyone to be more generous. Generosity is not just a way to make the world a better place, it’s also the best way to build strong business relationships. Generosity is defined by sharing scarce resources, and almost no resources are more scarce than time and attention. Jason Harris is … Continue reading Time, Attention, Patience and Other Gifts

JobSeer Seeks to Make it Easier for Foreign Students and Workers to Find Work

In February, Mountain-View, California-based JobSeer launched an AI-powered Chrome extension tool to help jobseekers gain insight into companies that are hiring. The Chrome extension provides advanced job matching, skills recommendations, and a company recruiter and employee contact finder.   With Smart Search, users can narrow their job search scope by entering the desired job title, … Continue reading JobSeer Seeks to Make it Easier for Foreign Students and Workers to Find Work

Be Generous

Jason Harris is the author of Soulful Persuasion: The 11 Habits that will Make Anyone a Master Influencer.He knows about persuasion; he’s CEO of the creative agency Mekanism and the cofounder of the Creative Alliance. He’s worked with brands like Peloton, Ben & Jerry’s, Miller Coors, HBO, and the United Nations. He write the book to help … Continue reading Be Generous

How to Be Discovered

Everyone loves the idea of being discovered.  Lana Turner’s discovery at a Hollywood drug store is a show-business legend. (According to Wikipedia),  sixteen-year-old Turner skipped a high school typing class and bought a Coke at the Top Hat Cafe located on the southeast corner of Sunset Boulevard (not Schwab’s Pharmacy), where she was spotted by … Continue reading How to Be Discovered

A Fresh Start for Your Job Search

States are opening up, and companies are retooling their workforce. Some workers might not be returning after the pandemic, for health reasons or simply because their priorities have changed. You’ve probably put your traditional job search on hold during the time you spent socially distancing at home. If you’re feeling ready, it’s time to get … Continue reading A Fresh Start for Your Job Search

Shy? Here’s How to Get Over It.

One of the keys to a successful job search is networking, which can be defined as meeting people you don’t know to ask for something you don’t have.  If you’re by nature a shy person, networking can be agonizing.  When biologists and zoologists use the term shy to describe animals, it generally means “tends to … Continue reading Shy? Here’s How to Get Over It.

How to Revamp Your Professional Image

Recently we covered how to dress with confidence at work. It’s not a frivolous topic; your confidence is directly tied to your performance. It’s part of what people notice first about you. Of course, you have to have great skills and good ideas, but your image is also a critical part of how you’re perceived … Continue reading How to Revamp Your Professional Image

Learning to Dance

Each conversation is a dance that we discover as it unfolds, with its own rhythm, flavor, flow. The pleasure we and our partners derive from this dance will depend in no small measure on how well we improvise, moment by moment, phrase by phrase, instinct by instinct. And yes— on how well we talk!