Less Ego, More Soul

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.) Jane Ioli is a business coach and author of Less Ego, More Soul: A Modern Reinvention Guide for Women, a book based on her personal journey and the work she’s done with thousands of business clients she’s coached over the course of … Continue reading Less Ego, More Soul

Create a Fresh Fall Routine

Fall is almost here, and for most of us, the change of season will be welcomed as a chance for a fresh start. Here in Florida, fall is mostly in our head, but we look forward to it anyway. Even in this crazy year, the start of school along with cooler and shorter days signals … Continue reading Create a Fresh Fall Routine

Our National Gap Year

Here’s another take on this weird, endless, awful year: let’s consider it a gap year. Seth Godin writes that many students are considering taking a gap year, delaying starting or continuing college until things return to normal – or as close to it as we can get. But Godin says the gap year is a … Continue reading Our National Gap Year

Sleeping Better, Even Now

If you’re like me, the current situation has made a good night’s sleep less and less likely. I wake up several times a night, and my brain kicks right into worry mode. I’m worried about everything, as are most of you right now. Once my brain wakes up, I lose at least an hour – … Continue reading Sleeping Better, Even Now