How to Be Happy

Epictetus, the great Stoic philosopher, asked and answered some of the most important questions of life. If you think that an ancient philosopher couldn’t possibly have anything relevant to say abut modern life, you might want to think again. Sharon Lebell is the author of The Art of Living, a book that interprets Epictetus’s writing … Continue reading How to Be Happy

How and Why to Make the 4-Day Work Week Work for your Team

The 4-day work week is having a moment. The pandemic lockdown made employers rethink what work is going to look like going forward, and workers are clamoring for a major shift in how and when they work. Reducing the work week to 32 hours from 40 (without a pay cut) is not a new concept; … Continue reading How and Why to Make the 4-Day Work Week Work for your Team

If You’re Always Hard on Yourself, Read This

You might have plenty of good reasons to expect more of yourself; you might be proud of your high standards. But when high standards start making you feel bad about yourself, it might be time to rethink your position. Let’s talk about how your high standards and the self-talk that goes with them might actually … Continue reading If You’re Always Hard on Yourself, Read This

The Great Resignation

We’ve all had a rough year, but it looks like the 2020 pandemic lockdowns are behind us. Although many Americans are still looking for work to replace jobs and income they lost in 2020, many millions of employed workers are ready to quit. The Wall Street Journal reported that more U.S. workers are quitting their jobs … Continue reading The Great Resignation

The Road to Heck is Paved with Yes

I have a friend who has a problem saying “no.” She’s smart, organized, and helpful, which is a sure recipe for burnout if not managed carefully. My friend works hard, probably harder than she has to, thanks to the extra projects she takes on that are technically someone else’s problem. Being the go-to girl gets … Continue reading The Road to Heck is Paved with Yes

Help Returning Employees Feel Better at the Office

Staff may be returning to the office, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re feeling normal. Among other ways they’ll have to adjust to , they may be missing some of the comforts of home. But you can help make them feel more at home with these ideas. Bring in plants Vertical gardens, fresh flowers, and … Continue reading Help Returning Employees Feel Better at the Office

First Things First

Stephen Covey has been gone since 2012, but it’s a tribute to his ideas that they live on and still feel fresh and relevant. First Things First was published in 2015, three years after Covey’s death, by Roger and Rebecca Merrill, with plenty of Covey’s original wisdom included. First Things First is more than a … Continue reading First Things First

Develop an Indifferent Attitude

“People are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of things…” Epictetus. I’ve always associated true productivity with calm focus. If you’re feeling frantic and rushed, especially when doing complex mental labor, you’re simply not going to be as effective as you could be. Here’s how to work toward achieving more … Continue reading Develop an Indifferent Attitude

An End of the Year Cleanup to Start 2021 Right

We’re (thankfully) coming to the end of the year – and what a year it was. You probably spent much of the year working from home after being thrown into remote work overnight. Hopefully, over time, you’ve developed organizational habits that kept your productive and feeling on top of things. If your business slows down … Continue reading An End of the Year Cleanup to Start 2021 Right

Connection Over Protection

Kendra Adachi is the author of The Lazy Genius Way.  Her book is intended to help you hack your life, and decide how to spend your time without the shame of comparison or the guilt of not being good enough. Adachi says “being a Lazy Genius is not about doing things the right way but … Continue reading Connection Over Protection