Coaching Yourself

Eileen Mulligan is the author of Life Coaching: Change Your Life in Seven Days.  The book is designed to help readers reassess their lives, redefine success, and set new goals.  Mulligan says that “problems are a useful and necessary part of your development.  They can reveal things that you might not otherwise see.”  Losing your … Continue reading Coaching Yourself

Interested in a Permanent WFH Arrangement? FlexJobs Offers a Template for Talking with Your Boss

(Thanks to our partner FlexJobs for this helpful resource.) A recent survey found that 65% of people said they would prefer to work at home full-time after the pandemic. and 31% would prefer a hybrid work arrangement (combo WFH and in-office). 51% of survey respondents say they have been more productive working from home during COVID-19, and 95% of … Continue reading Interested in a Permanent WFH Arrangement? FlexJobs Offers a Template for Talking with Your Boss

The Pandemic has been Hard on Micromanagers

A global crisis no one saw coming and no one sees ending (for now) can make even the strongest of us feel out of control. Having your workforce working from home in their bunny slippers for months at a time is challenging for any manager. Pity the micromanager forced to endure a pandemic and having … Continue reading The Pandemic has been Hard on Micromanagers

There is No Japanese Word for Retirement

There is, in fact, no word in Japanese that means retire in the sense of “leaving the workforce for good” as in English. This is one of the fascinating differences between our cultures that bears some investigating. That’s the purpose of the book that Hector García, and Francesc Miralles wrote called  Ikigai: The Japanese Secret … Continue reading There is No Japanese Word for Retirement

Less Ego, More Soul

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.) Jane Ioli is a business coach and author of Less Ego, More Soul: A Modern Reinvention Guide for Women, a book based on her personal journey and the work she’s done with thousands of business clients she’s coached over the course of … Continue reading Less Ego, More Soul

Create a Fresh Fall Routine

Fall is almost here, and for most of us, the change of season will be welcomed as a chance for a fresh start. Here in Florida, fall is mostly in our head, but we look forward to it anyway. Even in this crazy year, the start of school along with cooler and shorter days signals … Continue reading Create a Fresh Fall Routine

Think Twice Before You Say “Good Job!”

Good job!  How could saying something kind be cruel?  It turns out that praise has a dark side; its effects have been studied extensively in children, but I believe praise can have negative effects on adults as well. In a recent New York Times article, writer Paul Underwood says parents have been told for years … Continue reading Think Twice Before You Say “Good Job!”

Be a Weed

(This is a reprint of a post from 2015.) I attended a national conference in 2015 and had the great pleasure of hearing Victor Hwang speak. At the time he was CEO of T2 Venture Creation, a Silicon Valley firm that builds startup companies and designs the ecosystems that foster entrepreneurial innovation. He’s also the author … Continue reading Be a Weed

Our National Gap Year

Here’s another take on this weird, endless, awful year: let’s consider it a gap year. Seth Godin writes that many students are considering taking a gap year, delaying starting or continuing college until things return to normal – or as close to it as we can get. But Godin says the gap year is a … Continue reading Our National Gap Year

A Great Thank You Note

I recently heard about a candidate who had great qualifications for the position, but made what might have been a near-fatal mistake. She interviewed well, but she didn’t send a thank you note after the meeting. The hiring manager confessed that it almost cost her the offer. It made me think it was time for … Continue reading A Great Thank You Note