Get Some Rest, Says – My Boss?

HR experts say that the trend we’ll be seeing in 2023 is something you might not expect: encouragement from your employer to get more rest. The most forward-thinking companies will help their workforce get “proactive rest,” down time that allows an employee to nap, get more sleep, or really shut down from business to refresh … Continue reading Get Some Rest, Says – My Boss?

The Great Resignation

We’ve all had a rough year, but it looks like the 2020 pandemic lockdowns are behind us. Although many Americans are still looking for work to replace jobs and income they lost in 2020, many millions of employed workers are ready to quit. The Wall Street Journal reported that more U.S. workers are quitting their jobs … Continue reading The Great Resignation

The Road to Heck is Paved with Yes

I have a friend who has a problem saying “no.” She’s smart, organized, and helpful, which is a sure recipe for burnout if not managed carefully. My friend works hard, probably harder than she has to, thanks to the extra projects she takes on that are technically someone else’s problem. Being the go-to girl gets … Continue reading The Road to Heck is Paved with Yes