Making Good Choices

I have a friend who uses the phrase “Make good choices” when she send her son off to school.  It’s her way of reminding him that what happens to him during his day is, in large part, within his control.  He can choose to work hard in class or to slack off; he can choose … Continue reading Making Good Choices

Can My Employer Force Me to Get a Vaccination?

Question: I’ve been hearing about employers requiring a COVID vaccination in order to come back to work – or remain employed. Can they do that? Answer: The short answer is yes. Private employers can put conditions on workers that include mandating vaccines. With the exception of a disability or (doctor-proven) medical condition or religious exemption, … Continue reading Can My Employer Force Me to Get a Vaccination?

Why Do You Want this Job?

There are really only two essential job interview questions. Together, they determine how successful you’ll be in this role.  But they are often treated by candidates  – and some interviewers – as pro forma questions: asked to check a box, and answerable by some generic, fluffy response. But if you answer them with something sincere … Continue reading Why Do You Want this Job?

JobSeer Seeks to Make it Easier for Foreign Students and Workers to Find Work

In February, Mountain-View, California-based JobSeer launched an AI-powered Chrome extension tool to help jobseekers gain insight into companies that are hiring. The Chrome extension provides advanced job matching, skills recommendations, and a company recruiter and employee contact finder.   With Smart Search, users can narrow their job search scope by entering the desired job title, … Continue reading JobSeer Seeks to Make it Easier for Foreign Students and Workers to Find Work

Hottest Job Categories for 2021 According to LinkedIn

Each year, LinkedIn analyzes its massive member database to see what job roles are experiencing the most growth. The job site recently released the results of its research of growth between April and October 2020. The results are grouped into categories that will be expected to see high growth over the course of this year. … Continue reading Hottest Job Categories for 2021 According to LinkedIn

When Faced with Two Career Choices, Consider Option Three

Making any kind of important life choice is hard. What if you could make decisions easier simply by thinking about them differently? We humans tend to gravitate toward binary choices. Yes or no. This or that. Now or later. Stay or go. But career coach Rebekah Layton says that trying what she calls “the three … Continue reading When Faced with Two Career Choices, Consider Option Three

Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

By now, you know that LinkedIn is the most important resource for professionals in a job search. It’s essential in this time of social distancing, and it will again be (soon, I hope) a great way to enhance your in-person networking.  This is a good time to update and improve your LinkedIn profile so you’ll … Continue reading Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

How to Be Discovered

Everyone loves the idea of being discovered.  Lana Turner’s discovery at a Hollywood drug store is a show-business legend. (According to Wikipedia),  sixteen-year-old Turner skipped a high school typing class and bought a Coke at the Top Hat Cafe located on the southeast corner of Sunset Boulevard (not Schwab’s Pharmacy), where she was spotted by … Continue reading How to Be Discovered

Monsters in the Workplace

(This is a reprint from 2017, but relevant even in the scariest year so far.) Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m focused on spooks, monsters, and things that go bump in the night today. Here are some monsters you might encounter in the workplace even after Halloween. Ghosting Recruiters. The term “ghosting” first appeared … Continue reading Monsters in the Workplace

Coaching Yourself

Eileen Mulligan is the author of Life Coaching: Change Your Life in Seven Days.  The book is designed to help readers reassess their lives, redefine success, and set new goals.  Mulligan says that “problems are a useful and necessary part of your development.  They can reveal things that you might not otherwise see.”  Losing your … Continue reading Coaching Yourself