Monsters in the Workplace

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m focused on spooks, monsters, and things that go bump in the night today. Here are some monsters you might encounter in the workplace even after Halloween. (This is an update of a 2020 post, revenant.) A new scary workplace phenomenon for 2022: Quiet Quitters. I think of them … Continue reading Monsters in the Workplace

The 21st Century Do It Yourself Apprenticeship

Taylor Pearson is the Author of The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5. I’ve written about his take on employment and job security in the 21st century economy.  He believes that today, having a job (no matter how good), is a risky proposition. Becoming an entrepreneur is the only way to … Continue reading The 21st Century Do It Yourself Apprenticeship

Veterans, Active Duty Military, and Spouses Welcome

National Virtual Career Fair Tuesday May 25 RecruitMilitary and DAV will host the National Virtual Career Fair for Veterans on Tuesday May 24th online from 11am to 3pm CT. Over 100 of the nation’s top employers will be in attendance and ready to network with our military community. Registration is free and available online to all transitioning … Continue reading Veterans, Active Duty Military, and Spouses Welcome

Thinking Makes it So

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare In a great post for Every, writer Simone Stolzoff writes that ikigai, the Japanese term for meaning in life. (And one that I’ve written about before.) Stolzoff says that perhaps the most famous Venn diagram in the world is related … Continue reading Thinking Makes it So

Do You Have What It Takes to Thrive in a 4-Day Work Week?

Since the pandemic has ripped up the 9 to 5 playbook, managers are finally realizing that work doesn’t have to mean face time in the office al day, every day. Workers are making it clear that flexible, remote, and work from home arrangements are the future of the workplace. The four-day workweek has been an … Continue reading Do You Have What It Takes to Thrive in a 4-Day Work Week?

How to Create Great HR and Recruitment Videos

(A gust post from Many businesses are turning to video recruitment in order to find the best employees, A well-made HR or recruitment video can help you attract top talent and show off your company culture. Jere are some tips for creating great HR and recruitment videos in this article. When creating your next … Continue reading How to Create Great HR and Recruitment Videos

Where to Go for a Focused Industry Job Search

Many jobseekers are open to working in a variety of industries. For them the general job boards provide a smorgasbord of options. But if you’re a jobseeker who knows that you’re only interested in a specific industry, you’ll want a job board that as specialized as you are. There are plenty of advantages in posting … Continue reading Where to Go for a Focused Industry Job Search

Gifts, Talents and Skills

How do you set yourself apart from the hundreds of applicants competing with you for your next dream job?  You may find yourself up against people with more experience or education and more prestigious job titles on their resumes.  Your challenge is to let the interviewer know that you are a special person who brings … Continue reading Gifts, Talents and Skills

20 Veteran-Friendly Employers

(Thanks to for this post) In honor of Veteran’s Day and to support those who’ve served, Job-Hunt has identified 20 military-friendly employers that hire veterans, as well as industries known to support veteran hiring.  The companies highlighted below not only offer job opportunities, but also value the qualities veterans bring to civilian roles. … Continue reading 20 Veteran-Friendly Employers

Making Good Choices

I have a friend who uses the phrase “Make good choices” when she send her son off to school.  It’s her way of reminding him that what happens to him during his day is, in large part, within his control.  He can choose to work hard in class or to slack off; he can choose … Continue reading Making Good Choices