How to Be Discovered

Everyone loves the idea of being discovered.  Lana Turner’s discovery at a Hollywood drug store is a show-business legend. (According to Wikipedia),  sixteen-year-old Turner skipped a high school typing class and bought a Coke at the Top Hat Cafe located on the southeast corner of Sunset Boulevard (not Schwab’s Pharmacy), where she was spotted by … Continue reading How to Be Discovered

Monsters in the Workplace

(This is a reprint from 2017, but relevant even in the scariest year so far.) Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m focused on spooks, monsters, and things that go bump in the night today. Here are some monsters you might encounter in the workplace even after Halloween. Ghosting Recruiters. The term “ghosting” first appeared … Continue reading Monsters in the Workplace

Coaching Yourself

Eileen Mulligan is the author of Life Coaching: Change Your Life in Seven Days.  The book is designed to help readers reassess their lives, redefine success, and set new goals.  Mulligan says that “problems are a useful and necessary part of your development.  They can reveal things that you might not otherwise see.”  Losing your … Continue reading Coaching Yourself

A Great Thank You Note

I recently heard about a candidate who had great qualifications for the position, but made what might have been a near-fatal mistake. She interviewed well, but she didn’t send a thank you note after the meeting. The hiring manager confessed that it almost cost her the offer. It made me think it was time for … Continue reading A Great Thank You Note

Your Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

(A version of this post appeared previously in my Jacksonville Business Journal column The Careerist.) Your LinkedIn photo takes up just a square inch or so of your profile, but it can have a big impact on how people connect with you. Knowing how others in your industry present themselves may help you stand out … Continue reading Your Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

3 Upgrades for New Graduates

Graduating from college or high school and beginning your first serious job search means you need some upgrades. Here are three improvements new graduates can spend some of their cash and time on before starting to schedule interviews. Upgrading your wardrobe is essential if you want to be taken seriously as a professional. Invest in … Continue reading 3 Upgrades for New Graduates

5 Steps to Help you Bounce Back from a Layoff

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, approximately 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits during the last week of March this year, a new record. The global pandemic has placed the working class in impossible financial positions, with many dreading the start of any month, when their bills come due. Losing your job is … Continue reading 5 Steps to Help you Bounce Back from a Layoff

A Fresh Start for Your Job Search

States are opening up, and companies are retooling their workforce. Some workers might not be returning after the pandemic, for health reasons or simply because their priorities have changed. You’ve probably put your traditional job search on hold during the time you spent socially distancing at home. If you’re feeling ready, it’s time to get … Continue reading A Fresh Start for Your Job Search

Start your Job Search Now

Everything feels strange right now, and the future is almost impossible to predict. If you’ve been furloughed or laid off, you may be feeling like there’s no hope of finding a new opportunity until the pandemic is under control. It’s true that the New Normal won’t look like 2019, but job seekers who get a … Continue reading Start your Job Search Now

Sleeping Better, Even Now

If you’re like me, the current situation has made a good night’s sleep less and less likely. I wake up several times a night, and my brain kicks right into worry mode. I’m worried about everything, as are most of you right now. Once my brain wakes up, I lose at least an hour – … Continue reading Sleeping Better, Even Now