The Single Most Important Consideration for your Resume

The Job Search Bible asked a variety of career coaches and authors to give their single best piece of advice to job seekers about their resume.  My contribution and many others are included in this post. I believe that many job seekers don’t think of their resume as a marketing document. They forget to put … Continue reading The Single Most Important Consideration for your Resume

Guest Post: 4 Free Android Apps Every Job Seeker Needs

The prospect of job hunting is like a root canal. You know you need to do it and that you’ll be happy when it’s over, but the process itself is a lot of work. With a little organization and dedication, you can gain some job search momentum, schedule interviews and accept a new job offer before you know it.

Eight Essential Resume Tips for Job Seekers

Are you a new graduate drafting your professional resume for the first time? Are you about to return to the work force after a long absence? Maybe you’ve been actively employed for many years, and it’s been so long since the last time you looked at your resume that you may as well start a new one from the beginning. No matter your circumstances, these eight simple resume tips can help you get started.

Write to the Hot Spots

A recent study by The tracked recruiters’ eyes as the scanned resumes over a period of ten weeks. The study was able to track their eye movements over resumes and produce heat maps of where their eyes spent the most time. The resulting maps looked like this (the darker spots indicate where their eyes rested longest.) The entire read time averaged six seconds.