Guest Post: 4 Free Android Apps Every Job Seeker Needs

The prospect of job hunting is like a root canal. You know you need to do it and that you’ll be happy when it’s over, but the process itself is a lot of work. With a little organization and dedication, you can gain some job search momentum, schedule interviews and accept a new job offer before you know itshutterstock_176172011.

Here are four free apps that you can download to your Android mobile device to help squash your procrastination and get started with your job search today:


Sure, you know to cull your personal network on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find opportunities, but if nothing turns up there, you need to expand your search. Searching job posting websites can be frustrating, especially with all of the spam postings. That’s why the job search app from Indeed proves invaluable. This mobile version of their job search engine allows you to search for jobs by title, company or keywords in any city, state or country in the world. Since Indeed culls results from thousands of job boards and company websites worldwide, it’s a one-stop shop for job postings with reliable results. Another great feature of the app is that you can save postings that interest you and apply whenever you have time. You can also post your resume and let the recruiters come to you.


While this app isn’t strictly designed for job searching, its robust features and simple interface make it easy to use for organizing nearly anything. With Evernote, you can organize information into notebooks like “jobs to apply for,” “jobs already applied to,” and general advice you find in great blogs (like this one.) The app lets you cross reference everything with tags, and there’s a search feature to scour all of your notebooks by keyword. This productivity app syncs seamlessly to their web-based interface so you can always access your job hunting links and notes easily from any device.


Many jobs can sound good on paper but might be a completely different experience on the inside. This app version of the popular online career community, Glassdoor aims to help you uncover the work environments for companies around the world to help you make more informed career decisions. While the app also offers a job search feature, it’s real value is in the user-generated salary and benefit information and the companies reviews. This is a vital tool to finding out the pros and cons of various companies you’re interested in before you accept a job offer. Another helpful feature of the Glassdoor app is the interview questions and reviews section, which will come in handy as a refresher when you’re waiting to be called in for your next interview.


Keep your job hunt on track with daily or weekly to-do lists using the Wunderlist app. Like Evernote, it’s the mobile version of a web-based app, and all content syncs across all devices. Tasks on to-do lists can be broken down into sub-tasks to help you stay as organized as possible. Set due dates for tasks and receive reminders to ensure you don’t forget anything. If you need help getting something done, you also can share tasks. Once you’ve entered your lists, let Wunderlist be your virtual personal assistant to get it all done.

This is a guest post by Social Monsters.

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  1. Thanks! Nice article related apps for job seekers. Job seekers should download these apps, it will really help them. Even the candidates who are searching jobs can find jobs on site. On this site they’ll find lots of jobs related to their qualification and experience.


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    Awesome article.


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