How to Connect with a Mentor (Design your Own Apprenticeship Part 3)

In a previous post, I outlined how you can plan for a mentorship / apprenticeship to learn a new set of skills or change occupations or industries. Finding and setting up a mentorship is a key part of creating your plan. Here’s how to get started. If you’ve followed the advice in the previous post, … Continue reading How to Connect with a Mentor (Design your Own Apprenticeship Part 3)

Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

By now, you know that LinkedIn is the most important resource for professionals in a job search. It’s essential in this time of social distancing, and it will again be (soon, I hope) a great way to enhance your in-person networking.  This is a good time to update and improve your LinkedIn profile so you’ll … Continue reading Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

5 Steps to Help you Bounce Back from a Layoff

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, approximately 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits during the last week of March this year, a new record. The global pandemic has placed the working class in impossible financial positions, with many dreading the start of any month, when their bills come due. Losing your job is … Continue reading 5 Steps to Help you Bounce Back from a Layoff

The Four Zones of Interpersonal Space

Social Distance is the new business buzz phrase, so I thought it was a good time to reprint this post from 2012. Right now, leaning in is not recommended, and there are experts who predict this virus will end the ancient practice of handshakes forever. What do you think? Tony Alessandra, PH.D, is the author … Continue reading The Four Zones of Interpersonal Space

Shy? Here’s How to Get Over It.

One of the keys to a successful job search is networking, which can be defined as meeting people you don’t know to ask for something you don’t have.  If you’re by nature a shy person, networking can be agonizing.  When biologists and zoologists use the term shy to describe animals, it generally means “tends to … Continue reading Shy? Here’s How to Get Over It.

Learning to Dance

Each conversation is a dance that we discover as it unfolds, with its own rhythm, flavor, flow. The pleasure we and our partners derive from this dance will depend in no small measure on how well we improvise, moment by moment, phrase by phrase, instinct by instinct. And yes— on how well we talk!

Making Real Connections

Confession: I’m an extrovert who dislikes networking events. I like meeting new people, but I find making small talk tedious within a few minutes of arriving. Superficial chat exhausts me, and it’s rare to make a true connection at most business events or parties.

Dressing for Confidence

Let’s face it; after you’ve been job searching for a while, your confidence takes a beating.  You may feel invisible; especially if your job search is mostly online, you may feel like no one knows you’re there.  It may be tempting to go for comfort over style when you do venture out.  After all, who cares what you wear to the grocery store, right?

I Could Do Anything, if Only I Knew what that Was

Career transition is a time of uncertainty. You’re not sure where to look for opportunity, when you’ll have your next interview, what questions you’ll be asked, and most importantly, how long it will be before you land a great job.  There’s one thing you should never be uncertain about – what it is you’re looking for.