How to Connect with a Mentor (Design your Own Apprenticeship Part 3)

In a previous post, I outlined how you can plan for a mentorship / apprenticeship to learn a new set of skills or change occupations or industries. Finding and setting up a mentorship is a key part of creating your plan. Here’s how to get started. If you’ve followed the advice in the previous post, … Continue reading How to Connect with a Mentor (Design your Own Apprenticeship Part 3)

Design Your Own Apprenticeship

In a previous post, I wrote about the idea of creating your own apprenticeship to learn new skills or pivot to a new career or industry. Apprenticeship is an ancient concept, of course; you may associate it with registered apprenticeships that train people for the skilled trades or other professions. An apprenticeship is designed to … Continue reading Design Your Own Apprenticeship

Engineering Students Learn by Doing

(This article originally appeared in The Florida Times-Union at It was March, so it wasn’t surprising to see a group of young men discussing brackets. But these weren’t the usual March brackets. The young men in question are engineering students at Palatka High School and they were double checking the math on load-bearing formulas. … Continue reading Engineering Students Learn by Doing

Guest Post: Asking Someone to Be Your Mentor

As with all things in life, being successful at work is a much smoother process when you ask for guidance from someone who has already been successful. The wisdom and experience of a mentor is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to avoid making rookie mistakes while climbing the professional ladder.