Transition from Military to Civilian Career May Take Time

Bob Kennedy served for almost 30 years in the U.S. Navy. His career included several notable accomplishments, including making the transition from enlisted Chief Petty Officer to Surface Warfare Officer, becoming commanding officer of two overseas bases, and being promoted to captain before he retired in 2012. When he returned to the continental U.S. after … Continue reading Transition from Military to Civilian Career May Take Time

Unemployed Long Term? 4 Ways to Regroup & Get Hired

In 2014, the worst waves of the recent economic slowdown have passed, and the job market is heading down the long road to recovery. In cities where 2008 and 2009 unemployment reached record highs, employers are now reopening their doors and sustainable, promising companies are beginning the application review process. But this isn’t comforting news … Continue reading Unemployed Long Term? 4 Ways to Regroup & Get Hired

Ambition and the Modern Careerist

Somewhere along the way, ambition went out of style, or at least showing it did. Recently, articles about Olympic snowboarder Shaun White reported that he is wildly unpopular among his fellow snowboarders despite the fact that he almost singlehandedly brought the sport to the world stage. Other snowboarders found his ambition to win unseemly.

Guest Post: The 5 Hottest Job Markets (Jacksonville is #2!)

In order to overcome the difficulties, some professionals are casting a wider net in their job searches and considering relocating to other areas in order to find good work. If your current location simply doesn’t have a market for your skills, that can be a great decision.

Guest Post: Ready for a Career Change? Try an MBA

If you’re interested in switching careers through an MBA, you’ll want to do some soul searching before you apply to a particular program. While an MBA may be an excellent vehicle for career change, it may also require a hefty investment. Therefore, it’s a good idea to figure out where you want your MBA to lead you before you pursue this degree. That process might also help you compile a stronger application essay that contains carefully planned long-term career goals.

Guest Post: Networking While Unemployed: 5 Critical Tips

If you once thought you had everything figured out, you had all the answers, and you were a winner through and through, welcome to a new reality: one in which you don’t know everything, you have lots to learn, and every social gathering is filled with people who can teach you.