15 Minutes to Better Interviews

He starts out by saying “I’ve lost count of the number of times I really wanted to halt an interview and provide coaching to a job candidate.” He’s seen too many candidates blow their chances at great jobs, not because of their skills, but because they haven’t mastered the basics of interviewing well.

Guest Post: The 5 Hottest Job Markets (Jacksonville is #2!)

In order to overcome the difficulties, some professionals are casting a wider net in their job searches and considering relocating to other areas in order to find good work. If your current location simply doesn’t have a market for your skills, that can be a great decision.

Guest Post: 5 Places to Find People Who Work at Your Target Company

One of the best ways to advance your career is by targeting a specific company in the industry where you want to work. You probably already know that customizing the goals and experiences on your resume to the specific company to you are applying will help you get your foot in the door, but imagine how much more impressed that company would be if you had already done deep research on the company’s business and objectives, and knew people who work there. These three actions will increase your attractiveness to any employer, but networking with people who work at the target company can be a challenge. Here are five places where you can find and network with the employees at your target firm.

1. Local Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations

Social Media and Your Job Search Part 2

To Facebook or not to Facebook? That is the question. How does social networking fit into your regular networking – and how is it different?

We asked these questions of John Burton, manager of customized training for ICATT and presenter at WorkSource’s workshops on social networking.