Working Remotely? Cities and States will Pay You to Move

Now that we know remote work is here to stay, we can consider just how remote we’d like to be. The race is on to attract talent from around the country, and some cities and states are taking it seriously.  Workers who can literally work from anywhere are usually educated, well-paid, and highly skilled. They … Continue reading Working Remotely? Cities and States will Pay You to Move

Guest Post: The 5 Hottest Job Markets (Jacksonville is #2!)

In order to overcome the difficulties, some professionals are casting a wider net in their job searches and considering relocating to other areas in order to find good work. If your current location simply doesn’t have a market for your skills, that can be a great decision.

Tips for Relocating for a Job

This post is written by Erica Moss. Erica is the social media outreach coordinator for the Master in Nursing degree program at Georgetown University, which has one of the nation’s leading nurse midwife programs. Erica knows firsthand what it’s like to relocate as she recently moved across country for a new job.

Relocating for a job is one of the most disruptive experiences you can face. It means saying goodbye to your friends, your home, and favorite restaurants. Some people enjoy the adventure of exploring a new place, while others dread the idea of starting over in unfamiliar surroundings. Here are some ways to prepare for relocation and adjusting after arriving.