FlexJobs 2022 Freelancing Report

As a result of changing employer-employee relationships, many professionals are choosing to freelance as a way to take control of their careers, finances, and future. In fact, recent reports have indicated that nearly 40% of the U.S. workforce—or 60 million Americans—performed freelance work in the past year alone. If you’re one of the millions considering making the leap … Continue reading FlexJobs 2022 Freelancing Report

Six Figure Freelancers: The Future of Work

(Credit to MSNBC for this post.) While some states look at freelancers as an oppressed class of workers, the truth is much more complex – and interesting. Nearly 60 million Americans freelanced in 2019, either full-time or part-time, representing more than a third of the American workforce, according to a separate study by Upwork and Freelancers … Continue reading Six Figure Freelancers: The Future of Work