Managing Generations in the Workplace

Thanks to Digital Third Coast and Professor Yorton Clark Jr, chair of the business administration department at MidAmerica Nazarene University for passing on this guide to the three most active generations in the workforce (millennials, gen x, baby boomers.) Great data on how each age group views themselves as well as how they view the … Continue reading Managing Generations in the Workplace

The Case Against the Handwritten Thank You Note

I’m not sure you should send a handwritten thank you after your interview. I know that the formal thank you note has been the gold standard for classy candidates for the past several decades, but like the phone book, I think of it as an idea whose time may have passed. Here are 5 reasons why.

Fit at Forty Plus

Your energy level is part of your personal brand, along with your appearance and confidence. If you could find a fix that improved your posture, amped up your energy level, made your confidence skyrocket and took years off your appearance, would you buy it? Maybe? What if it were free? Heck yes – sign me up.

The Hourglass Solution

This was the first generation that could choose to get married or choose almost any other lifestyle: cohabitation, staying single without stigma, and a hundred variations in between. We could choose when or whether to have children. Women could choose to have a demanding career and raise a family; it used to be an either / or decision. All this choice gave us a feeling of unlimited possibilities when we were young. But we’re no longer young (on the outside, at least.) We’re in our fifties and sixties, and feeling that the world has changed dramatically.