Negotiation Tools: Anchoring

(This post is one in a series based on Never Split the Difference; Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It by Chris Voss with writer Tahl Raz. Voss has 24 years of FBI experience and was the former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator. He now runs a practice that trains individuals, corporations and law enforcement … Continue reading Negotiation Tools: Anchoring

How to Negotiate Anything Fearlessly

Negotiating a job offer is one of the scariest moments in your job search, ironically, since it’s also the much hoped for culmination of your journey. Donaldson’s Wish-Want-Walk method is designed to put everyone at ease as they approach a negotiation. It’s even more effective because of the simplicity of its design.

Explaining the Wage Gap

very year on National Equal Pay Day, activists recognize the point in the year that women’s pay catches up with her male equivalent. In 2015, Equal Pay Day will fall on April 14. The PR gimmick is designed to bring attention to the fact that women still earn about 78 percent of what men earn, decades after entering the workforce in significant numbers.

Guest Post: Lies Your Recruiter May Tell You

Recruiters are on your side. They’re out to help you, not exploit you, and they can be powerful allies during your job search process. But while you make yourself available to them and answer their questions promptly, it’s important to remember that you aren’t paying them—they’re working for their employer clients, not you. It’s their job to help their clients fill open positions as efficiently as possible, so when they have to choose between the needs of a client and a candidate, the candidate is likely to take second place. Generally, recruiters are diplomatic, respectful, kind, and pleasant to interact with.

But sometimes—there’s no harm in admitting it—they’ll tell a few white lies.

Work Ethic

I’ve written before about the differences between the generations at work. Just about every U.S. generation has blasted the subsequent one as the Generation that Ruined it All. No manners, no respect, and no work ethic. This time, the current generation may be in agreement with their parents.

Love and Money in the Interview

“What salary are you looking for?” Everyone hates the question. Everyone. Talking about salary is awkward for most jobseekers, and for good reason. If you mention a figure that’s too low, you leave money on the table if you get the offer – and that’s the best case scenario.


In a tight labor market, there’s only one thing worse than not getting the job of your dreams; not getting the job you could have done in your sleep. There are many reasons that jobseekers consider jobs for which they are overqualified. In a recession, high level jobs may be scarce and competition intense. When you transition from one industry or career to another, you may be forced into looking for entry level jobs in the new field, no matter how far you had advanced in your former career. Baby Boomers are opting for jobs that offer more time for family and quality of life. Others, seeking more meaning in their careers, are looking for opportunities in mission based companies or non-profits, even if the jobs pay less.

Negotiating Salary

I had a client who had a great interview out of state. So great, in fact, that the recruiter called him before he left the city to offer him the job. When the final offer letter came, the salary was just below the ‘low $40,000 range’ mentioned in the interview. He liked the job; liked the company, but didn’t know how to open the negotiation without losing the offer.”

Are You Ready to Meet the Future?

A stunning survey of workers by shows that 98% of workers are not [completely] satisfied with their jobs and plan to look for work in 2011. Are you one of them?

If you are one of the working class who’s planning to make a break for it as soon as the economy heats up, here are some things to consider as you plan a move.