Red Flags in the Interview Process

I’ve written many times that interviewing is very much like dating. You go through the same phases: attraction, flirtation, getting-to-know-you meetings, and finally, a proposal and moving in together. And as in dating, the early days of the hiring process are when recruiters and applicants are on their best behavior. That’s why red flags during … Continue reading Red Flags in the Interview Process

How to Negotiate Anything Fearlessly

Negotiating a job offer is one of the scariest moments in your job search, ironically, since it’s also the much hoped for culmination of your journey. Donaldson’s Wish-Want-Walk method is designed to put everyone at ease as they approach a negotiation. It’s even more effective because of the simplicity of its design.

Guerrilla Marketing for Jobseekers

Guerrilla Marketing, like Guerrilla Warfare, evens the playing field between large entities with resources and the little guys. Here’s how Jay Levinson, who wrote the book and coined the term in 1984, describes Guerrilla Marketing: : The soul and essence of guerrilla marketing consist of achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional … Continue reading Guerrilla Marketing for Jobseekers

Negotiating Salary

I had a client who had a great interview out of state. So great, in fact, that the recruiter called him before he left the city to offer him the job. When the final offer letter came, the salary was just below the ‘low $40,000 range’ mentioned in the interview. He liked the job; liked the company, but didn’t know how to open the negotiation without losing the offer.”

Size Matters

In the Hidden Job Market, size of the company is one of the most important features you can consider in your search. According to Donald Asher, author of Cracking the Hidden Job Market, says that large corporations are easier to find, but small companies are the ones creating new jobs. It’s also a smart strategy to be looking for work in places others don’t bother.

Look the Part to Get the Job

Have the rules changed for corporate dress? Young workers and jobseekers seem to think so. “The idea that you have to wear hose and heels to the office every day died a decade ago,” one 20-something staffer told me. “In Florida? In July? I don’t think so!”