Think Like a Salesman to Sell Yourself

In a previous post, I spoke to Rob Mendez, who educates audiences on Guerrilla Marketing strategies for jobseekers and helps them understand the phases of a relationship with a recruiter. There will be several touch points as a company evaluates how well a candidate fits its needs. And each touch point will require different kinds … Continue reading Think Like a Salesman to Sell Yourself

Guerrilla Marketing for Jobseekers

Guerrilla Marketing, like Guerrilla Warfare, evens the playing field between large entities with resources and the little guys. Here’s how Jay Levinson, who wrote the book and coined the term in 1984, describes Guerrilla Marketing: : The soul and essence of guerrilla marketing consist of achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional … Continue reading Guerrilla Marketing for Jobseekers