Love and Money in the Interview

“What salary are you looking for?” Everyone hates the question. Everyone. Talking about salary is awkward for most jobseekers, and for good reason. If you mention a figure that’s too low, you leave money on the table if you get the offer – and that’s the best case scenario.

Your Dream Job Step Two: Research the Possibilities

Here is the second step you might take to find your dream job eventually: research the possibilities. There are usually several variations in any career path. Here are some of the variables that might make a difference in your choice of careers.

Your Dream Job Step One: Decide What You Want

I think the idea of pursuing a dream job is something every worker should aspire to. You should enjoy your work, use your strongest skills, and be paid well. Even in this recession, it’s possible to pursue and find your dream job; it just may take a little longer.

So here is the first step you might take to find your dream job eventually.

Be Worth More than You Receive

In Think and Grow Rich, published in 1937, Napoleon Hill talks about the equation of compensation and value. It’s a complicated concept, one that presents challenges for employers as well as jobseekers to this very day. Hill’s advice was good; he suggests that you, as a worker, want to be on the short end of the equation. Yes, on the short end – being paid less than you’re worth.

The Best Paying College Degrees

Training and education are the best ways to increase your value as a worker; everyone should consider adding education to his career plan. But before you lock yourself into a 4-year degree, think about your return on investment. has listed the best-paying college degrees, and it’s no surprise that engineering degrees top the list. Economics, physics and computer science complete the roster of degrees that really pay off.

Cities with the Best Jobs in 2010

Where can you find the best jobs in the U.S.? If you are you considering relocating to a friendlier economic climate, PayScale can help you decide which new area will have the best opportunities for job growth and high wages. The following are 10 cities with the best jobs for 2010 and economies expected to grow, even during the current recession. Included in the data for each is the growth rates from 2009 for comparison. Be sure to check the Cost of Living Calculator to get the whole picture.