Nervous about the Interview? Smart Move. Here’s how to harness your fear and make it work for you. In Adam Grant’s New Book, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, he talks about how to manage fear and anxiety. He calls it “the positive power of negative thinking.” He cites the work of psychologist Julie Norem and her study of two … Continue reading Nervous about the Interview? Smart Move.

Explaining the Wage Gap

very year on National Equal Pay Day, activists recognize the point in the year that women’s pay catches up with her male equivalent. In 2015, Equal Pay Day will fall on April 14. The PR gimmick is designed to bring attention to the fact that women still earn about 78 percent of what men earn, decades after entering the workforce in significant numbers.

Birth Order and Success April 10 is national Siblings Day. Psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman is credited with understanding why your little brother is so annoying and why your oldest sister is so bossy. His best seller The Birth Order Book, updated in 2009, gives insight into how being an oldest, middle, or youngest child influences your personality, your … Continue reading Birth Order and Success

Why Empathy Matters

Empathy, or the ability to put yourself in another person’s place, to imagine what they feel, is one of the most important features of civilized people. Without empathy, we get bullying, violence, and “victimless” crimes. Lack of empathy is one of the definitive symptoms that separate a sociopath from the rest of us. Empathy matters.