Make the Most of Applying Online

Every day, we hear from jobseekers who are discouraged with their job search.  “I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs online; I never get a response at all, let alone an invitation to interview.”  It’s easy to believe that you’re doing something productive by applying online, but it’s only true if you are taking the time to make your applications as complete as possible.

The Employ Florida Marketplace ( is the online site where jobseekers can register to find jobs.  There are thousands of opportunities posted at the site, and employers regularly look for applicants and sort through the applicants that have applied to their job postings.   

 Here’s some feedback we received recently from one of our local companies:

 “Candidates continuously “apply” to our postings but they do not provide their work history or other necessary information.  It is impossible to evaluate a potential candidate when I cannot even see their prior work experience to see if they are a match for the opening.

 This is frustrating when we have an open position that we want to fill but your system does not promote candidate follow-through.  We are beginning to find your system to be a waste of our time; candidates can’t even provide important information regarding what their qualifications are.”

Strong words from an employer who really wants to connect with qualified workers.  But she knows it’s a waste of time to look at partial applications that don’t give her enough information to seriously consider the candidate.  It’s easier to just pass on the whole system.

If you’re not registered at Employ Florida, you’re missing out on seeing hundreds of great jobs every day.  If you’re not taking advantage of the full registration process, you’re missing out on almost as many opportunities.  Log in at and update your registration.  A few minutes of extra input might be just what you need to get a shot at a great job.  What have you got to lose?

1 thought on “Make the Most of Applying Online

  1. Wow! Strong feelings on both sides of the equation. Thanks for giving us the feedback. Sounds like you have made a good faith effort to input information. Many jobseekers haven’t bothered, and they are frustrated by lack of results. The Employ Florida site was designed to make job matches on O*NET codes, which means that just uploading a resume won’t help the code find jobs for jobseekers (many commercial sites that are easier to use initially just make keyword searches.) In my experience, online recruiting sites for companies posting their own jobs feel a lot like the EF system; the general commercial sites are designed differently. The line by line data entry can feel cumbersome, especially in light of other systems that feel easier.

    I’ll pass your feedback on to the team at the state level that does design and programming. Thanks again for your candor.


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