Virtual Job Fair Opens Today

The First Coast Virtual Job FairVJF screen opened Monday, June 10 at 12:02 A.M.  By the time you’re reading this, hundreds of job seekers will be uploading resumes from the comfort of their living rooms, wearing bunny slippers instead of power suits as they browse virtual job fair “booths.”  It’s also a great opportunity for people who are working to attend a job fair without taking time off from their current jobs.

The event, hosted by WorkSource, offers access to job seekers and employers from Monday, June 10th, through Friday, June 14th, 24 hours a day. As I write this, over 60 employers are offering over 460 openings (and more will be registered by the time the virtual job fair starts.) The openings range from healthcare to hospitality, and from customer service to security. All levels of jobs will be offered; entry level workers and management will find something that looks like an opportunity.

Thanks to Florida State College at Jacksonville, a free web-based training manual, the VJF Handbook, is available to guide novices and experienced job seekers through the basics of a virtual event.  The guide offers tips on resume building and ways for everyone to best present their skills to prospective employers. A video option is available for each section of the handbook.

Each quarter, the Virtual Job Fair attracts thousands of job seekers; some apply for jobs from remote parts of the U.S., hoping to sang an opportunity to work here on the First Coast.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of our virtual event:

  • Unlike a physical job fair, where your professional appearance and energy can impress a recruiter, in a virtual event, your only asset is your resume.  Make sure it’s targeted to the job you’re applying for and that it presents your skills well.
  • You have plenty of time to browse jobs and revise your resume; don’t rush into applying.  Take the time to read the postings carefully at each virtual “booth.” Most employers wait to the end of the event to seriously consider applicants, so be thoughtful in your approach to each opportunity.
  • Use some of the time you have to research the company and add what you learn into your resume edits.  Let your experience reflect the company or industry’s key words and values.
  • You may think it’s smart to apply for every job at every booth, but it’s a losing strategy. It only takes a click for recruiters to delete your resume if you’re not a match  It’s a better idea to take your time and make a serious run at jobs you really qualify for.

Here’s an excellent post by Michelle Cox, writing for Online, on the benefits of virtual job fairs.

1 thought on “Virtual Job Fair Opens Today

  1. Sheila A. Thomas

    After 10 years of services as a federal employer in DC with 5 as a federal contractor before the 10 years. I relocated to Jacksonville, FL. Thinking it would be easy I moved up while in DC. Wrong, I was never picked up at NAS, I was hired as a contractor along with other that had DD214, when the federal jobs came available it was who you know and not by prior services.


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