Coaching Yourself

Eileen Mulligan is the author of Life Coaching: Change Your Life in Seven Days.  The book is designed to help readers reassess their lives, redefine success, and set new goals.  Mulligan says that “problems are a useful and necessary part of your development.  They can reveal things that you might not otherwise see.”  Losing your … Continue reading Coaching Yourself

Sleeping Better, Even Now

If you’re like me, the current situation has made a good night’s sleep less and less likely. I wake up several times a night, and my brain kicks right into worry mode. I’m worried about everything, as are most of you right now. Once my brain wakes up, I lose at least an hour – … Continue reading Sleeping Better, Even Now

Five Things to Do Every Day While You’re Out of Work

I posted this in January, never imagining how relevant it would be in March (with some updates.)  I hope you’re taking care of yourself during this crazy time.   You’ll need to keep up your energy and spirits so you can be ready for the next great opportunity, when all of this craziness has passed.  … Continue reading Five Things to Do Every Day While You’re Out of Work