Five Things to Do Every Day While You’re Out of Work

I posted this in January, never imagining how relevant it would be in March (with some updates.)  I hope you’re taking care of yourself during this crazy time.   You’ll need to keep up your energy and spirits so you can be ready for the next great opportunity, when all of this craziness has passed.  … Continue reading Five Things to Do Every Day While You’re Out of Work

Gratitude, Even During this Difficult Time

“Sometimes, it feels like the end of the world.” I heard this from a friend the other day, and I had no response to offer. In  the middle of this terrible health and economic crisis, it’s hard to hold on to optimism when there’s no end in sight. This is a difficult time, made more … Continue reading Gratitude, Even During this Difficult Time


This week is the one we set aside to give thanks for our blessings. If you’ve been unemployed for a while, you may have trouble summoning a sense of gratitude for your experience over the past few months (or years.)

Gratitude, like most feelings, can be both an experience and a practice. Many people practice gratitude each day to remind themselves of the abundance of good things in life, even if (maybe especially if)they are going through a difficult period.

Ways to Stay Positive

Remember that writing is not just for writers. Writing is a way of capturing positive thoughts in a tangible format that makes them more real. Write a positive vision of your future and go back to it when you’re feeling discouraged. It’s the same technique as visualization, except that you come out with an actual document that serves as a blueprint for success.