LinkedIn Tells You the Skills You Need and Offers Free Learning

If you don’t have these skills, now is the perfect time to learn. Join LinkedIn next week for the Week of Learning. It’s dedicated to helping you get a better job — whether you’re looking for a promotion, or searching for a new gig. LinkedIn Learning’s 5,000+ courses will be free, including the courses that can teach you the Top Skills of 2016.

New Year’s Resolution: Make People Your Priority in 2016

If 2016 is going to be your year for a new job or promotion, I have a resolution for you: stop focusing all your efforts on your work and start focusing on your network. Of course you must still do great work to be noticed. But too many professionals think that doing a good job … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution: Make People Your Priority in 2016

Guerrilla Marketing for Jobseekers

Guerrilla Marketing, like Guerrilla Warfare, evens the playing field between large entities with resources and the little guys. Here’s how Jay Levinson, who wrote the book and coined the term in 1984, describes Guerrilla Marketing: : The soul and essence of guerrilla marketing consist of achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional … Continue reading Guerrilla Marketing for Jobseekers

Attention Generation Next: LinkedIn is Not Facebook (and other tips)

Increasing your network is a common New Year’s resolution, so it’s not surprising that I’ve seen more requests to connect on LinkedIn and Facebook lately. But I’ve also noticed that while the quantity of the connections is picking up, the quality is taking a downward turn.

Not hired? Here’s an Action Plan

There’s a big difference between a single, quick interview and a long, intensive interview process. At the end of the long process, you may have met with several managers. You have information about the company from the interview team, and you may even have an idea about how many people you’re competing with and their backgrounds. You’ve invested a lot after several interviews: time, energy and perhaps even a sample of your work or a plan for what your first sixty days will look like. If you don’t get selected, it’s bound to be a letdown. It’s easy to start second guessing yourself.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

The Friday before Mother’s Day (in 2014, May 9) is the day set aside to officially recognize the role of military spouses. President Ronald Reagan started the tradition of Military Spouse Appreciation Day in 1984, and the date was standardized by the Secretary of Defense. This post is my gift to my fellow military spouses. My husband served for over 20 years in the U.S. Navy, and I know how challenging it is to find and keep meaningful employment when you follow your spouse across the country – or the world – when he or she transfers to a new duty station.

This is Not How It’s Done

I was shocked to read about the emails sent by a woman who includes in her email signature “2013 International Association of Business Communicators communicator of the year.” Her name is Kelly Blazek, and she runs a 7,300-subscriber JobBank newsletter based in Cleveland, Ohio. She’s supposed to be helpful (and a great communicator) but after her condescending and downright nasty emails to young careerists became public, she’s doing a lot of damage control. What was she thinking?