Seth Godin’s Five Contributors

Seth Godin invests a lot of thought into what makes a workplace great. He recently posted a piece on what he considers to be five essential roles on a team. He writes: “Each one matters, each is intentional, each comes with effort, preparation and reward.” He goes on to say: “I’m not describing job titles, … Continue reading Seth Godin’s Five Contributors

Stop Complaining – There’s a Better Way

We complain a lot, and we all believe we have good reasons. From changes in technology to the smell of tuna sandwich in the break room, you’ll find someone with a gripe in every cubicle. But is anyone listening?  What do we really want to see come from our complaints?

Playing Nice

I’ve written about being nice before and how it can sabotage your career and your wellbeing. It’s not that nice guys finish last; I think that if we were all nicer to each other, the world would be a better place. But what is corrosive to your soul is being nice instead of being strong – being nice in the hope that you won’t have to be strong. It doesn’t work, and it eats at your confidence and your power.

Promotion: Past, Present, or Future Tense?

You can’t be considered for another job if you’re not good at the one you have. Performance is the baseline for being considered a high potential candidate – the price of admission. But what can you do to demonstrate potential – the future tense of being promotable?