Take Charge or Take Care is a False Choice

Therese Huston based her book How Women Decide on a premise: “Is a woman’s experience issuing a tough call, a decision with serious stakes, any different from a man’s? I’ve found that when a man faces a hard decision, he only has to think about making a judgment, but when a woman faces a hard … Continue reading Take Charge or Take Care is a False Choice

How to Decide

Having a defined list of priorities is the key to confident decision making. Your list of priorities might be global (family, health, quality of life) or specific to a decision (no more than a 30-minute commute each day; requires no more than 25% overnight business travel.) Knowing what your values and priorities are helps you evaluate each option carefully and objectively.

To Be or Not to Be (Decisive)

Dr. Rubin defines a “real” decision as one that is “a free, unconditional, total, and personal commitment to a choice or an option.” He writes that many people abdicate their right to make decisions, making themselves and those around them miserable. We’ve all met people who dither over even the smallest decisions, or choose what everyone else is doing – or the opposite, just to be different. In the matter of what to order for lunch, not a big deal, perhaps, but being unable to make a decision and stick with it can be crippling to a relationship or a career.