Attention Generation Next: LinkedIn is Not Facebook (and other tips)

Increasing your network is a common New Year’s resolution, so it’s not surprising that I’ve seen more requests to connect on LinkedIn and Facebook lately. But I’ve also noticed that while the quantity of the connections is picking up, the quality is taking a downward turn.

Guest Post: Five Hot Careers to Pursue in 2013

The first quarter of 2013 is winding down; how far along are you on your plan for a new career? If you are making a change, your first task is research – deciding on what career to pursue. As in previous years, growth projections for IT, marketing, healthcare, and engineering are still trending up at a steady pace. Here is a list of the fastest growing careers for 2013 and their qualifications.

Employee Background Checks: What Are the Limits?

If you’re regular job seeker just trying to make your way in a tough economy like the rest of us, chances are you haven’t committed a serious crime, and your past isn’t riddled with dark secrets. But you may have some issues with creditors (long-term unemployment can wreak havoc on our finances), etc. And you may be wondering how much influence the details of your past can have over your future. How long will you be haunted, for example, by a firing or lay-off? What are the odds that a previous employer will say negative things about you during a routine reference check? Can an unpaid parking ticket tank your job prospects?

Re-Post: What I Learn About You In A Few Quick Google Searches

You should expect to be Googled and to Google people you’re going to meet. As Broughton mentions in his post, your conversation will be much better much faster if you can say, “I really liked the article you wrote on…” rather than simply commenting on the weather.