Attention Generation Next: LinkedIn is Not Facebook (and other tips)

Increasing your network is a common New Year’s resolution, so it’s not surprising that I’ve seen more requests to connect on LinkedIn and Facebook lately. But I’ve also noticed that while the quantity of the connections is picking up, the quality is taking a downward turn.

Guest Post: How to Leverage Social Media to Help Land the Job

Are your social media profiles impeding your career progress – or even preventing you from getting the job that you want? When a potential employer clicks over to your Facebook page and sees an embarrassing photo — perhaps from that one crazy night in college — it can kill your interview prospects. It’s a clear and present danger; the Web is rife with articles about What Not to Post on Facebook; in fact, some career experts advise simply removing your social media accounts during your job search process.

Guest Post: Capitalizing on Consistency

You put a lot of thought into your resume. What serious job applicant wouldn’t? All the information you want potential employers to see about you is in there – your job qualifications, your experience, your education, your skills, your interests, your references. It’s all there – tied up in one neat package. But your resume is more than just a collection of dates, places, and facts. It is the self-portrait that you put on display for the world to see. It is the face you show to people who have never met you before. It is you.

Social Media and Your Job Search Part 2

To Facebook or not to Facebook? That is the question. How does social networking fit into your regular networking – and how is it different?

We asked these questions of John Burton, manager of customized training for ICATT and presenter at WorkSource’s workshops on social networking.