Procrastination is Fixable

Disclaimer: Procrastination is fixable, but the reason you’re avoiding what you should be doing probably isn’t. If you’re dreading a task, chances are you’ll be able to find a reason to avoid it. But if you’re someone who by default puts some things off to the last minute, you can develop tools to help you … Continue reading Procrastination is Fixable

Quiz: Are You a Habitual Procrastinator?

In this post, I gave some tips for overcoming procrastination based on The Procrastination Cure by  Damon Zahariades. His last chapter in the book is dedicated to a quiz to help you determine if you need help overcoming this habit. After you’ve rated the 15 statements from one to five, we’ll tally your score to gauge your tendency … Continue reading Quiz: Are You a Habitual Procrastinator?

First Things First

For many people, the hardest part of getting organized is deciding what’s most important. Procrastinators are sometimes paralyzed by the fact that they simply don’t know where to start on a project. It’s easier to get started on what you enjoy, or what’s in front of you, instead of working on what’s most important.