Hot and Cold Conflict in the Office

Conflict happens on the job. Even people who agree on what must be done can have strong disagreements about methods. When resources are scarce or performance pressure is high, you can easily have conflict that boils over. Mark Gerzon, a mediation expert and author of “Leading Through Conflict: How Successful Leaders Transform Differences into Opportunities,” … Continue reading Hot and Cold Conflict in the Office

Quitting Doesn’t Have to Be the End

Unemployment has returned, in many places, to pre-pandemic levels. We’re in the midst of “The Great Resignation,” and employers in every industry are desperate to find talent and retain the workers they have. Many senior employees have opted to take early retirement. You’re aware of the trends, but it suddenly gets real when a trusted … Continue reading Quitting Doesn’t Have to Be the End

What We Don’t Miss at All About the Office

“Hell is other people.” Jean-Paul Sartre One benefit of working from home is being able to avoid contact with other humans. Pre-pandemic, coworkers spent more waking hours with each other than with their families. That much togetherness inevitably means we drive each other crazy. Quality Logo Products surveyed 1,902 employed Americans and asked what behaviors … Continue reading What We Don’t Miss at All About the Office

What Workers Want

Right now, in this very competitive labor market, there’s a lot of competition among companies to attract quality employees. One way an employer can stand out? Benefits and perks. That’s why the team at Deputy, a team scheduling software, decided to find out which benefits and perks American workers desire most, across industries. They surveyed 1,035 participants … Continue reading What Workers Want

How to Create Great HR and Recruitment Videos

(A gust post from Many businesses are turning to video recruitment in order to find the best employees, A well-made HR or recruitment video can help you attract top talent and show off your company culture. Jere are some tips for creating great HR and recruitment videos in this article. When creating your next … Continue reading How to Create Great HR and Recruitment Videos

How to Signal Your Social Distancing Comfort Zone

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a hugger. He proved that after an interview with Fox reporter Erin Andrews in December. After a socially-distanced interview, the two, who are friends, came in for a maskless hug while the cameras were still rolling. Predictably, Twitter blew up. If you’re a hugger, times are rough right now. … Continue reading How to Signal Your Social Distancing Comfort Zone

Gray Zone Problem Solving

You don’t have to be a leader to lead. If you’ve been wondering how to get noticed for your skills and hard work, here’s an opportunity that’s right under your nose: gray zone problems. Gray zone problems are in every workplace. Executive coach Art Petty says gray zones are “the areas between functions where process, … Continue reading Gray Zone Problem Solving

Grouping Gifts for Bigger Impact

It’s the holiday giving season, and for many people, gifting is stressful. You may love the idea of giving something meaningful to the people that make a difference in your life like teachers, service providers, or your office team. But your budget may not match your goodwill. Presently ( was started in 2019 with the … Continue reading Grouping Gifts for Bigger Impact

Choose Trust

“Tough people fight fire with fire. Wise people fight fire with water.”  Former Marine and FBI counterintelligence expert Robin Dreeke wrote the book on human behavior. He taught social psychology and in the practical application of the science of relationship development for the FBI, and eventually rose to direct the behavioral analysis program for the … Continue reading Choose Trust

The Last Acceptable “ism”

First, full disclosure: I am a baby boomer, which makes me one of those “older workers” you hear so much about and are about to hear more. For the last year and a half, I’ve been working for myself, which makes my employer a company whose average worker age is… my age. We’ve made a … Continue reading The Last Acceptable “ism”