Career Advice No One Tells You

When it comes to growth and your career, it helps to read as many self-help and career books and blogs as you can (says the career blogger.)  They are written to help you figure out how to achieve your goals, whether it’s to become wealthier, be more productive, or decide if side gigs are the right option … Continue reading Career Advice No One Tells You

How Men and Women Think Differently About their Careers

Women leave positions for the same reasons men do: for bigger challenges, more money and more recognition. But they stay in jobs sometimes for a very different reason, according to McKinsey.

Promotion: Past, Present, or Future Tense?

You can’t be considered for another job if you’re not good at the one you have. Performance is the baseline for being considered a high potential candidate – the price of admission. But what can you do to demonstrate potential – the future tense of being promotable?

How Andrew Luck Can Become Peyton Manning

Just as Luck was promoted to Manning’s coveted spot, many professionals find themselves faced with the intimidating responsibility of filling the shoes of an all-star employee who moved up or out. This former employee was popular, respected, and (incidentally) great at his job. Although you may have been the king (or queen) of your old department, the fact remains that you are you, not the other guy who used to do the same job. Just not being him can be a liability, no matter how good you are.