Feeling Overwhelmed? Try the Magic of Checklists

After weeks of working form home, people in our part of the country are about to head back to the office. The office will certainly look and feel different, and the way we behave and interact with each other will also be different. It will almost certainly be disorienting. You may also be taking on … Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed? Try the Magic of Checklists

Life Admin

In a previous post, I write about the insidious creep of administrative work it takes to run a modern household. From scheduling appointments to paying bills, calling about repairs, and following up with kids’ activities, the never-ending to-do list that is life admin takes up enormous amounts of time, resources, and brainpower. Elizabeth Emens is … Continue reading Life Admin

Playing Nice

I’ve written about being nice before and how it can sabotage your career and your wellbeing. It’s not that nice guys finish last; I think that if we were all nicer to each other, the world would be a better place. But what is corrosive to your soul is being nice instead of being strong – being nice in the hope that you won’t have to be strong. It doesn’t work, and it eats at your confidence and your power.