12 Must-See TED Talks on the Recession

Jena Ellis of online emba.com has developed a great list of must-see TED talks on subjects relating to the recession. She writes: “TED Talks have become a go-to resource for finding thoughtful discussion on global issues from some of the world’s biggest and best thinkers. One issue that has been at the forefront of many … Continue reading 12 Must-See TED Talks on the Recession

Your Dream Job Step Three: Figure Out Where You Stand

I think the idea of pursuing a dream job is something every worker should aspire to. You should enjoy your work, use your strongest skills, and be paid well. Even in this recession, it’s possible to pursue and find your dream job; it just may take a little longer. So here is another step to finding your dream job eventually. Figure out where you stand in the market for this job; what do you need to do to compete and succeed?

Changes for your Post-Recession Resume

If hiring activity really starts to improve in late 2010, you’ll be getting more chances to put your resume in front of the right people (defined for our purposes as “people who have jobs to fill.”) Here are some tips for making sure that your post-recession resume tells a good story about how you weathered an extended layoff.