There Are No Jobs Out There

Here in Florida, roughly 100,000 people will have their extended unemployment compensation benefits expire on November 30.  These are workers who had been given special extensions on unemployment because of the severity of the recession.  This means that their safety net (at its peak, around $300 per week in Florida) will end soon.  WorkSource career center staff hears hundreds of stories each week from people who are desperate to find work and are afraid that “there are no jobs out there.”

There are people who have been looking for jobs for months – even years.  There are those with barriers to employment that make competing in the market challenging even during strong economic conditions: transportation barriers, health, criminal or credit history, or education or mastery of English language. 

Assuming that one of these barriers isn’t the problem, what people often mean by “there are no jobs out there” is “I haven’t found the right job for me.”

  • In my industry
  • With my former pay / title / benefits
  • In my preferred location
  • During my preferred shift

Many people are stuck in place by circumstances and trying to find a job that will make them whole, bring them back to where they were in their last position.  That, of course, should be the long-term plan.  But your short-term plan could be to find work to replace the safety net (unemployment compensation) income you are receiving.  The issues I raised above (location, salary, title, industry) are what are called objections when you’re trying to change behavior or make a sale.  They’re the “yes, buts” that salesmen get all the time.  One sales training site says, “Sometimes, an objection is really just thinking out loud. If you wait a moment, prospects might overcome their own objection.”

To get past your own list of “yes, buts,” try an old sales technique.  Ask yourself what kind of work you’d look for or accept if that factor weren’t an issue.  Here’s a list of what ifs to get you started on thinking differently about your job.

  • What kind of work would you look for or accept if salary wasn’t an issue?
  • What if you were just seeking income to replace what you made in unemployment?
  • What if you didn’t need to work full time?
  • What if you were only planning to work for one year?
  • What if you preferred working at night?

Thinking about these things can help you break out of your pattern of thinking about work.  You might find that you are open to new possibilities.  You may find that there are jobs out there – in places you hadn’t thought to look.

4 thoughts on “There Are No Jobs Out There

  1. Great point of view! I myself had to take this approach as my coaching practice diminished with the economy. An it is working for me very well.

    I decided to do some Senior care through an agency. So now I have almost 20 hours a week of steady income I can count on. Because I have been enjoying it so much and have been telling others how much I enjoy it, I have picked up several private referrals, which I can charge the same rate as the agency charges. and I get all the income. Sweeet!!

    More importantly, I have picked up two business coaching clients as a result of this as well. Many business owners are struggling to balance caring for an aging parent and their business. So deciding to do some just to get through work has expanded my business into an area that I feel really great about.. Ya just do not know where things can go, when you open yourself to thinking differently!!

    Great Post Candace I hope others are able to see the possibilities!!!


  2. missdisplaced

    Actually, that’s not exactly the case. I am well educated, and have 12+ years of experience in graphic design and marketing communications. I was a manager at my former job, and am working on my masters degree (online and at night). My unemployment ran out back in June, and will again next week. At this point, I don’t care what kind of job I get, I’ll take anything.

    Based on this premise, I have applied at all of the local retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and malls to try and gain SOME kind of paying work. It is the holiday season right? They should need some able-bodied workers. Though I am somewhat older, I am nowhere near retirement age. I have no criminal record, am healthy, available to work any time, and have nothing that should preclude these places from hiring me. Heck, I can even drive a forklift and was a cashier in high school!

    NONE of them have called me. NONE.
    Why is that?

    Either these “employers” are discriminating for some unknown reason, OR there really ARE NO JOBS.


  3. Missdisplaced, Sending prayers your way…I sense something is right around the corner for ya! Keep that heart and mind wide open!!! F


  4. Wyman Stewart

    To Missdisplaced, I hope you have subscribed to comments. If you have 12+ years in Graphic Design and Marketing, then why not advertise your skills for hire; that is, start your own small business as a Freelance Graphic Design and Marketing specialist. For all I know I may need your services one day. Currently, I am unemployed too, but without skills such as you have that would make me attractive to potential clients. If you are already trying to do this, don’t give up! Keep at it. Best of luck to you!


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