Your Greatest Strength is Also Your Weakness

Two of the most dreaded questions in interviewing are dreaded for good reason. “What is your greatest strength?” and “What is your greatest weakness?” are mirror image questions that drive jobseekers crazy. (For the record, they drive most recruiters crazy, too; they would love to hear the real answers, but never get more than tired clichés in return.) We are perpetually perplexed by these mirror image questions because they are not mirror images at all – they’re the same question.

The Language of Talent

Buckingham starts out by defining “strength” as “near perfect, consistent performance.” Being pretty good at something is not enough. It starts with talent, which Buckingham describes as an innate ability – something you may have been a natural at all your life. In fact, being a natural is what keeps many of us from understanding true strengths; if it’s that easy for me, doesn’t everyone find it to be easy too?