What is Your QQS Rating?

In Think and Grow Rich, (originally published in 1937) Napoleon Hill gives jobseekers very modern advice.  He tells people who want to achieve success that “It is up to you to sell your own services.  The quantity and the quality of service rendered,  and the spirit in which it is rendered, determine to a large extent, the price and duration of [your] employment.”

Hill goes on to describe what he believes to be the perfect formula for marketing your services: his “QQS Rating.”

“Quality of service means the performance of every detail, in connection with your position, in the most efficient way possible, with the object of greater efficiency always in your mind.

Quantity of service shall be understood as the habit of rendering all service of which you are capable of giving at all times.

Spirit of service means that habit of agreeable, harmonious conduct which will create cooperation from friends and fellow employees.”

Hill says that quantity and quality are not enough; you must also have a willing spirit.  In his mind, the right spirit meant having a pleasing personality that created harmony in the workplace.  How many times have you worked with someone who may be technically adept, but disruptive and difficult?  Or someone who produced painstakingly detailed work, but took too long to finish a project?

Think about your personal QQS rating.  Which of these is your strength?  Why?  Which one are you still working on?  What are you doing to improve it?  Bring some of these ideas – and stories or incidents that support your rating – to your preparation for your next interview.  You may be able to use these concepts as a way to stand out among the applicants for the job.

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