The Energy Audit

Tony Schwartz, who is President and CEO of  The Energy Project, says we’re suffering from an energy crisis, and this one’s personal.

He says: 

“Employers and employees alike share an unspoken assumption that human beings are capable of operating in the same way computers do: continuously, at ever higher speeds, running multiple programs at the same time.

In fact, we’re designed to pulse. We’re more productive and more satisfied when we move rhythmically between spending and renewing energy to meet our four key needs.”

Schwartz defines the four forgotten needs as: sustainability (physical); security (emotional); self-expression (mental); and significance (spiritual).  He thinks it makes more sense to manage your energy than your time.  After all, you would never run a car for 10,000 miles straight without refueling it and maintaining it.  Why should you treat your own self any differently?  He believes that if you take time to restore your energy and take care of your needs, you can be more productive.

Schwartz focuses mainly on workers on the job, but the same applies to jobseekers.  You may be pushing so hard that you’re not taking the time out you need to replenish your energy.  It will be hard to ace an interview if you’re mentally and physically exhausted.

Take the energy audit here and see how you rate:

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