Boundaries and Standards

In the chapter entitled “Increase your Natural Power,” her advice includes how to set boundaries for yourself. “Boundaries, “ she writes,” are simply the things that people can’t do to you, lines that will protect you and allow you to be your best.” We all need them, but it can be hard to set them and stick to them, especially if you like to think of yourself as a nice person.

Turn Complaints into Requests

In her chapter on how to “Communicate with Power, Grace and Style,” Miedaner delivers a formula that may change your life. She starts out by stating a fact of life: “No one is attractive when complaining. No one – not even you, my dear.” She has a real point. Most of us hate to be on the receiving end of a complaint. At the same time, many of us don’t recognize ourselves as chronic complainers. Here’s her way out of the rut, whether you’re receiving or complaining.