Annoying Coworkers

I knew you’d have to read this. We’ve all had coworkers who drove us crazy, and apparently, for some of us, it’s reason enough to move on. In a survey of 2,000 working Americans about common annoyances in the workplace,40 percent said they’d left a job because of a coworker they didn’t like. Workers in Healthcare and Insurance have the most annoying coworkers, but Fashion / Art and Retail are the most likely to leave. Read more about what workers said in the infographic below, shared with us by the staff at Olivet Nazarene College.

See the original post here: Olivet Annoying Coworkers

1 thought on “Annoying Coworkers

  1. […] for lunch. Smelly food still ranks high ion the list of annoying office behavior. I wrote about another annoying habits survey in a 2017 post, and smells and noise are perennial list […]


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