Seasonal Jobs

According to Hourly Careers ( one in five Americans plan to take on a second job during the 2011 holiday season, while 12percent  said they already had one according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

Hourly careers also cites a 2011 survey of 1,000 hiring managers and found that…

  • 51% of hiring managers will be hiring for seasonal jobs this this year – up 8 points since 2008.
  • Each hiring manager, on average, expects to hire 4.1 seasonal workers – a 5 percent increase over last year’s 3.9 workers and a 32 percent improvement from a low point in 2009

That presents opportunities if you’re in the market for work or taking on a second job.  Here are some of the jobs that post openings during this season:

  • Package handlers: major carriers like UPS, FedEx and the U.S. Post office may take on extra handlers for the holiday rush.
  • Retail clerks: Retailers may not be hiring as many new associates as they  did before the recession, but you are seeing some Help Wanted signs in retail stores.  Keep in mind that these jobs are not usually advertised on job boards; retailers want and expect you to actually come to the store to apply.  Most major retailers have kiosks in the store.
  • Hourly Careers suggests that you apply at jewelry stores if you’re thinking of retail work.  They definitely have a holiday rush and most jobseekers overlook them when thinking about where to apply.
  • Banquet servers: Clubs and restaurants see an increase of parties this time of year and will be looking for servers. 
  • Income tax preparation: This is time of year when companies start recruiting and training workers for tax season, which starts in January.
  • Inventory workers usually start their work in January, after the holiday sales season.  You can usually find these opportunities through staffing companies.

Don’t forget that you may be able to create your own opportunities as well.  If you have an enterprising spirit, this may be a great time of year to market babysitting (the holidays are a very competitive time to secure a sitter), house or pet sitting services, or services where you organize, decorate, or serve at private parties in homes.  Never underestimate how busy and frazzled families with income can be; some may even pay for running errands, personal shopping or gift wrapping.

Another way to earn income might be working as a test preparation tutor or offering to edit college entrance essays.  This is the time of year when families focus on getting into a great school or graduate school.   SAT, GRE, LMAT  and other entrance exam tutors may earn up to $30 per hour in some states.  Of course, you have to be pretty smart yourself to get these positions; the job postings state that you must have scored in the 80th or 90th percentile on your own entrance exam to apply. 

There are also online tutoring jobs available –   great work at home opportunity for former teachers or experts.’s five step application process includes testing in your proposed subject, a mock online assessment of your ability to deliver remote advice, and a background check.  They give priority to people who can tutor during the evenings; there is a 24-hour service, so If you’re good at hard subjects (like Calculus) and available in the middle of the night, you move to the head of the line for hiring.  Happy holidays!

6 thoughts on “Seasonal Jobs

  1. I just noticed that there are several jobs available at places like UPS, ATT stores, TMobile and Snap On. My son is looking for work now.


  2. shadow

    Never again will I ever take a seasonal job in retail. This was my first and very last attempt at that. Last month I was hired as a seasonal employee and received only 10 hours the first week of employment. That 10 hours was only due to training where we sat for all of those 10 hours watching videos mind you. The second week of employment with this major retailer, I got 3 hours of employment for the entire week and that was due to having to attend a staff meeting. My 3rd week of employment I got a whopping 4 1/2 hours total – only to find after I arrived to work,that because the day was slow, they sent me home an hour early. This retailer had hired so many seasonal employees that no one was hardly getting any hours per week. Ridiculous!!!!! I saw the writing on the wall after my 4 1/2 hours stint which really ended up being 3 1/2 hours. Anything under 5 hours per day, and they did not have to give you a paid 15 minute break, nor could any of us seasonal temp workers count on hours we were scheduled to work because they could send you home at a moments notice before your scheduled shift ended. Glad I had the smarts to continue with a job search for full time, permanent employment which I did receive one day after my so called scheduled 4 1/2 hour day. I quit immediately and would never recommend this type of employment for anyone.


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