Your Dream Job Step Four: Create long and short-term plans for getting to where you want to be

I think the idea of pursuing a dream job is something every worker should aspire to. You should enjoy your work, use your strongest skills, and be paid well. Even in this recession, it’s possible to pursue and find your dream job; it just may take a little longer. So here is another step to finding your dream job eventually.

Step Four: Create long and short-term plans for getting to where you want to be. For this discussion, we’ll define short term as “this year,” and long term as “within five years.” Those are arbitrary definitions; change them if you feel strongly about it. Your short term plan will take into account the realities of today’s (dismal) economy. Your short term strategy may involve taking temporary or compromise jobs until the hiring outlook improves. In any case, you’ll be looking at your next job rather than your ideal job.

Your long term plan will be made up of several strategic steps to get to where you need to be. They may include progressing in your current job, moving to another industry, or even diversifying or increasing your income stream through gigs or other kinds of work on the side. You might need to include education or certifications along the way. The important thing about your long term plan is that you know what needs to be done next. The next step may take a week, a month, or a year. But you work on it a little every day. (More on that in Step Five.)

No matter how frustrating your current job is, you can rest at night knowing that you’ve taken a step toward your long term goal, and that career satisfaction is within your power to achieve.

1 thought on “Your Dream Job Step Four: Create long and short-term plans for getting to where you want to be

  1. I agree with Candace. I would also add that you should write down your goals and rewrite them several times. The clearer you are on the direction you will go, the faster you will get there. In your written plan, include the steps you will take and who can help you accomplish each step. Begin with people you know, and then add people who are referred to you. We all need others to help us reach our goals. Don’t be afraid to speak to people you don’t know, and tell them your short and long-term goals. Amazing things will begin to happen that will help you open doors and reach your goals.


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