Rejection Letters

We get a lot of questions about why recruiters don’t respond when you DON’T get the job.  In this economy, it’s not surprising that recruiters don’t have time for some of the things that make life easier for applicants.

As recently as ten years ago, it was common to receive an acknowledgment of your resume – sometimes just a postcard, but you knew that it had been received and catalogued in some way.  No longer. 

Are recruiters simply more rude or callous than they were a few years ago?  Not really (although etiquette has changed; when was the last time you sent a formal thank you letter or RSVP’d for an event when asked to?)  One of the reasons no one replies is the large volume of applications for every job.  It can be challenging to manage the qualified candidates; replying by mail to those not being considered would break the recruiting budget. 

So you probably won’t hear anything if you’re not being considered, but what about after an interview, or two or three?  We agree that you are due a proper thank you after investing some time with a recruiter or a team of them.  Even if you don’t make the final cut, a letter thanking you for your time is the sign of a class act (and the same goes for jobseekers who write thank you’s after being rejected.)

Keep in mind that recruiters are human too; they hate the idea of letting people down, and saying “I’ll be in touch” or “I’ll let you know” may be simply a way of letting you down easy.  Don’t take it personally.  Follow up in a professional manner by phone and email once each, then let it go.  Move on to the next opportunity and stay positive.  You never know when things might change; many first choice candidates blow their opportunities, and you just might get a second chance.

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