The Dog Ate My Homework and Other Lame Excuses

I never told a teacher that the dog ate my homework in grade school. It would not have worked for me because a.) I usually had my homework done and b.) we did not have a dog. But somewhere along the line, it must have been used by some enterprising student who felt safe because … Continue reading The Dog Ate My Homework and Other Lame Excuses

The Politics of Calling in Sick

Full disclosure: I’m sniffling as I write this at work. Down the hall, I hear regular coughing, and I just finished a meeting with someone who dabbed at her nose the entire time. The odds are pretty good that one or more of us will infect an innocent bystander by our presence at the office. Why do we still come in?

Survey Report: Calling in Sick when Healthy Can Get You Fired

Not only are employers starting to investigate their workers’ crazy stories, but they are also getting more prone to check out even believable excuses. Nearly 70 percent of surveyed employers said they asked for a doctor’s note, about half called the “sick” employee to check-in, and 18 percent had someone else make the phone call to catch the employee off guard.